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Balance Assessment

Your return to health and wellness begins with a 90-minute consultation with Dr. Horowitz that includes a full health history, diet and lifestyle review and goal setting. From this discussion, appropriate tests will be ordered to evaluate digestive function, nutritional status, detoxification processes, immune and cardiovascular health, and hormone and endocrine balance.
With your test results in hand, Dr. Horowitz will meet with you in a 1 hour follow-up visit to develop a customized program of hormone, nutrition and lifestyle solutions that are designed for you based on your body’s unique needs. This program will include an initial round of recommendations to jumpstart your body’s natural recovery process. Your personal treatment plan may include:
    - Herbal supplements
    - Natural hormone replacement therapy
    - Diet, exercise or other behavior modifications

Within 4-6 weeks of starting your initial treatment, you will check in with Dr. Horowitz to adjust and optimize your progress. At this time Dr. Horowitz can assess where you are and determine what the next steps are. While improvements are typically felt in the first 6-12 weeks, complete biological recovery and a foundation for health and wellness requires both a personal and team commitment and for most patients it can take up to 12 or more months to feel complete balance.
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Wellness Membership

Finding balance takes time and commitment. We have created 3 value based membership models that will support you wherever you are on your path to wellness. Our team is committed to your success and through a personalized, well-structured plan, we can help you achieve your goals.
Each plan includes one year of monitoring and evaluation and is geared to varying levels of time commitment, biological complexity, medicinal requirements and individual need.
Plan 1: Inspired Balance
Inspired Balance is for individuals with less-complicated health issues and are stable in their treatment plans. This is for the patient that wants a proactive and preventative approach to their healthcare. With quarterly check in’s allowing for fine tuning your health.

Plan 2: Lifestyle Balance
Lifestyle Balance is for individuals who understand that more frequent monthly visits allow for the complete support needed to create balance as a lifestyle. This plan is ideal for patients just finishing the Balance Assessment to provide the continued support needed to achieve your goals.

Plan 3: Empowered Balance
Empowered Balance is for individuals desiring the most comprehensive support program available, including same day email response and bi-monthly check-ins. This plan is for the patient that has multiple systems out of balance. This comprehensive plan provides more frequent monitoring and adjustments to treatment plans on a more regular basis.

All plans include an initial baseline consultation with our nutritional counselor, online scheduling, email communication with Dr. Horowitz, supplement discounts and advanced technology medical testing.
Dr. Horowitz and her nutritional consultant are committed to working with and supporting you during this comprehensive process. They are both experts in their field, trained to guide and coach you through your body’s self-healing mechanisms, troubleshoot, and help you develop the habits and momentum to successfully reach your health goals.

Sample of Specialty Testing

Advanced annual bloodwork

Comprehensive Hormone Profiles

Adrenal gland testing

Neurotransmitter assessment

Comprehensive gastrointestinal assessment

SIBO (Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth)

Food sensitivity testing/ food and inhalant allergy testing

Comprehensive lipid/cholesterol assessment

Genetic SNPs- Telomere Length testing

Nutrient Status, including Vitamin and Mineral assessments

Complete Thyroid panel